Erick Tarud

Simplicity, quality and elegance are the three principles by which I see the gadget world.

Wearable Tech? iWatch?

Everyone talks about the next great big thing, what’s Apple or Google or even Samsung going to unveil? The thing is it’s already here. We see it everyday on the news. Google launched Glass, Samsung went with Galaxy gear, Pebble with it’s smartwatch. 2014 will be the year of wearable technology. Yet only one is predicted to set the bar for the other companies. Samsung failed on the first try, Pebble played it safe with their Kickstarter project, and Google introduce a work in progress device. Apple over the last couple of years has been criticized for lack of innovation and I think this year Apple will have it’s comeback. New products like AppleTV, a TV set, and iwatch will be the spotlight of this year. My pebble Smartwatch has changed the way I use my iPhone every day. I receive notification everywhere even when my phone is not around, on the shower, when I go swimming at the pool, and...

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